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Organic Hydrosols

Organic Hydrosols from MRT are produced by water or steam distillation of the organic flower or organic herb, and not by the addition of essential oils or synthetics to water with alcohol. Also known as Hydrolats  or Floral Waters, they contain the therapeutic properties of the plants from which they were made making them ideal for general skincare. Hydrosols are an aqueous product of steam/hydro distillation. They are sometimes referred to as floral waters, distillates or hydrolats. Beware of imposters. There are many products on the market that are merely water, essential oil and an emulsifier that are sold as “floral waters.” Though these may be fine as room refreshers they ARE NOT Hydrosols, and will not give the same therapeutic effect.
Organic Hydrosols from MRT are 100% Organic and its therapeutic properties are distinctly different than  so called other floral waters.

  • Basil water
  • Chamomile water
  • Citronella water
  • Eucalyptus water
  • Geranium  water
  • Lavender water
  • Lemongrass water
  • Mentha arvensis water
  • Neem water
  • Palmarosa  water
  • Patchouli water
  • Rose water
  • Rosemary water
  • Tagetus water
  • Thyme water
  • Vetivert water
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