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Aromatherapy Accessories

Finest quality of Aromatherapy Accessories available from MRT.

  • Vaporizers and Burners

Aromatherapy oil vaporisers and burners are available from MRT in a choice of styles, including the very latest electric models as well as the more traditional ceramic designs.

  • Aromatherapy Storage Boxes

Aromatherapy oils are susceptible to deterioration that is caused by both sunlight and extreme changes in ambient temperature. Aromatherapy Storage Boxes protect your precious oils and extend their shelf life, whilst keeping them safely out of sight of young children.
Hand made in Wooden Storage Boxes are available in a natural wood finish..

  • Bottles & Jars

Glass and Alluminium bottles for aromatherapy oils are available, Glass bottles are available in Amber and Blue colours and are supplied complete with dropper inserts (drippers) and white caps.

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