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About Us

MRT Organic Green Products,  most reliable and resourceful international supplier of Natural Ingredients with decade of  expertise in Spices & Herbs, Essential oils, Spice Oleoresin, Dehydrated Vegetables, Freeze Dried Vegetables & Spices,  Mints and Allied Products, Floral Concretes and Absolutes  backed with strong supply chain management both in Raw Material and finished products.

With a rising demand in the world market for pesticide free and  GMO Free pure natural  food products, MRT took an initiative  of organic  methods of of cultivation  through its  group of Farmers.  We promote organic farming and has got a strong supply chain of organic raw material, which enable us to produce Organic Certified Products. Our Organic range of product includes:  Spices, Herbs, Essential oils,  Ayurvedic Oils, Herbs & Herbal Powders, Glycerin, Vegetable Oils, Ghee& Honey, Organic Foods,  Herbal Extracts, C02 Exracts, Floral Waters, Butters & Waxesetc.

Consistency in quality and competitiveness is our core strength and our reliability in supplying trusted natural ingredient is our major achievement. Our vision is an organic world for all where mind, body and spirit are sustained naturally.

All our Organic products reach to our customers  with stringent NPOP, NOP & EU Standards quality Certified by LACON, Germany.